Eddie and Quincy Bullen
Father and Son Dueling Pianos
Dueling Pianos is a celebration of the beautiful relationship between father and son.
A relationship that, but for a father’s determination, commitment and love, could have detoured to strife and opposition. It is a reminder that music has a central place in our lives, to inspire us in all ways, including our work.
Two generations are represented in a very fine narrative powerfully presented with two voices, speaking to the timeline of sacrifice to triumph, of one generation passing its best on to the next. And, from the father’s perspective as a renaissance leader, also speaking to the qualities of inspiring others that he wants to pass on to his son. The narrative and the specific musical pieces of Dueling Pianos are deliberately selected to demonstrate the pain and joy in reaching for and attaining excellence. Audiences are treated to masterful renditions of our own Oscar Peterson’s ‘Hymn to Freedom’, of John Coltrane’s ‘Giant Steps’ and more... arranged for two pianos, as the musicians weave the musical classics of Jazz, Classical, Calypso, Reggae and The Blues into their story, showing how the father prepared his son to understand and embrace his historical roots, the roots of music and the world’s great musicians. 

"The art of listening is a wonderful virtue,like in the performance of musicians on stage listening to each other to create moving performances that engages audiences. So too is listening to each other in life to create harmony and understanding in our day-to-day lives."
Eddie Bullen



Eddie Bullen (the father) immigrated to Canada from his native Grenada in the 1970s. He is the son of a musician who not only passed on to his son a deep love and knowledge of music and musicians, but also ensured that he was skilled at taking apart and reassembling every kind of musical instrument.
Today, Eddie is well known as a Pianist, composer, arranger and producer
at his highly successful business Thunder Dome Sounds in Toronto.
Quincy Bullen (the son) is an accomplished pianist, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist (drums, bass, guitar, keys) and singer.